There is Nothing like a Beautiful Sad Song

John Denver once wrote a song about how he loved sad songs, and I once wrote a poem about how I love sad poems.  For sadness is a part of our lives, no two ways about it.  It is unavoidable the events in our lives that will come along and happen which will bring us sadness, even sadness of a terrible, immeasurable kind.

If I were to opine what is the saddest movie ever made, I would say hands down it is “Lloyds of London” with Tyrone Power Madeleine Carroll, and Freddie Bartholomew from 1936–a magnificent film classic that should be seen at least once in your life.  But if I were to opine what I think is the saddest song ever written, I would without equivocation say it is “Goodbye” by Lionel Richie.  Well, I’ve given the link here to a recording of it on  You listen to it and decide for yourself just how sad it is.  But don’t forget: While it may be immensely sad, it is also immensely beautiful.  In a beautifully sad way, of course.

Of course.

Link to Goodbye:

A Perfect Day: Embrace the Intangible

Life is filled with both certainty and uncertainty.  Likewise, it is rife with what you know to be true and with what you doubt and cannot trust.  However, there are some things you cannot know through touch and sight and the other senses, at least not in terms of it being solid and having substance and material weight and form.  There are things you can know and feel through thought and emotion, but they hold no tangible dimension and cannot be boxed or jarred or carried inside one’s pocket.  On the other hand, these intangibles can be kept and stored inside one’s heart and mind and made as real as anything that does contain solidity and substance. 

What are these intangibles?  There are many: truth, justice, honor, integrity, trust, hope, faith, loyalty, desire, and love, just to name a few.  But regardless these intangibles may lack weight and substance they are nonetheless as solid and substantial as anything in the physical universe.  In fact, I believe most these qualities are even more solid and substantial than physical objects.  Especially love.  It may be the most solid substance in the entire universe.  Indestructible, too.  I present my ultimate contention via poetry, as follows:



The sun was shining–for the rain stopped and stole away.
But the wind kept blowing and left wind-swept trees unfurled!
They saw our presence…and demanded our souls to stay
And pay attention…while the day perfected the world!

Therefore, we spent it with the sea that greeted the shore.
Then listened to the sun and surf…and to lilting birds!
And we felt like forever…would last forever more.
With the smile inside our hearts that spoke a thousand words!

For might evening arrive and hurry us from our joy?
Or would we know to stay and not let time steal away?
No matter!–although there is much that life can destroy,
It won’t be the perfect love we felt this perfect day.

Ho Hum and Bah Humbug Mondays!

Because Monday is my karma day–has always been and sadly always will be–I have a distinct right to express the following sentiment regarding this first work day of the week.  And since this particular Monday today is acutely deserving of my comment, I now make it with a degree of enthusiasm and assiduous meaning.  (I know, assiduous is a really big fifty-cent word.  But I can’t think of any adequate twenty- or thirty-cent words to use in its place!)  My comment?  Nothing earthshattering or profound, but definitely intended with a big ho hum and bah humbug, as follows:

Monday is cancelled due to a serious lack of interest, motivation, opportunities, leads, possibilities, potential, desire, energy, and hope!

That’s it.  Tomorrow is another day, and we’ll see what happens.  (:-o


“Forever Blue” Remains Forever Awesome!

 No. 5 on my all-time Top 10 list of best pop/rock/modern music albums is “Forever Blue” by Chris Isaak.  The reason for this is because every song is distinctively great and exceedingly emotionally-charged and melodic.  Isaak is not only a master guitarist and singer who can hit the highest notes (a la Roy Orbison) but his songwriting skills–especially on this album–are second to none.   Of course, you’ve got to like romantic music and torch songs to appreciate Chris Isaak, especially on this album.

The truth is, his music is haunting.  I think of him as the Frederic Chopin of today’s popular music: There is always something nostaglic, melancholic, or downright sad and tragic in his songs, especially the lyrics.  In this album he removes your heart (rips out is more like it!) several times and maybe by the end of the record hands it back to you.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  But it is a beautifully painful experience well worth losing your heart over, which Chris Isaak obviously did in order to write this musical tome.  I don’t know who or what broke his heart.  But I never get tired of Forever Blue breaking mine.

Enjoy this inimitable song sample from the album:




Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even all you turkeys out there!


What the Heck Happened to My Mince Pie?

There may be a lot of problems in the country and the world, but none worse than the absence of mince pie on Thanksgiving holiday.  I find this to be a very serious problem, and one that has only worsen in recent years.  I can remember since I was knee-high to a grasshopper enjoying mince pie during the holidays–both Thanksgiving and Christmas–and my mother baking two or three mince pies in addition to the usual fare of pumpkin, apple, cheery, and the ever quintessential peach cobbler pies.  However, to me, all these pies are passe and non sequitur.  That’s right, non sequitur, I tell you!  Compared to the divine deliciousness of mince pie. 

Look, here in southern California we have Von’s, Alph-Beta, Ralph’s, Jon’s, Albertson’s, Safeway, and a slew of other popular grocery stores all filled to the ceiling with every kind of pie a pie nut can gobble on.  But no mince.  Why?  I demand to know why, and I demand restitution for this culinary misery I have suffered now for the third year in a row spending the holidays bereft of mince pie.  Ya hear what I’m saying? 

Traditionally, a mince pie is  filled with fruit mincemeat, which is called  fruitmince.  Fruitmince  consists of  dried fruit (usually raisins, currants, apricots, cherries, peaches, and candied peels), spices (nutmeg or cinnamon), nuts (almonds or walnuts), and suet and alcohol (rum or brandy). The pie is baked and then dusted with powder sugar or icing sugar.  Then you grab a fork and dig in and bask and pig-out in sheer pastry-eating delight!

However, I’ve been all over southern Cailfornia to all the above-mentioned supermarkets and every other place where a pie of any kind is sold.  And guess what?  No mince pie.  Anywhere.  And I’m not happy, I’m telling ya.  And the world has one month to fix this cosmic problem or I’m going to be really, really unhappy when Christmas comes.  And the only thing worse than a unhappy poet on these year-end holidays is an unwined minstrel on a weekend cruise ship! 

I want my mince pie.  And soon, oh cruel, heartless, pieless world.  Enough pumpkin, bring on the mince!

Facebook Marketing Tip: Making A Customer List

Facebook allows you to meet tons of people and even nework with at least 5,000 of them.  These people you meet on Facebook can become not only friends and chat buddies but potential customers with whom you can do business and sell your products or services.

Facebook allows you to create and compile lists of potential customers, leads, and clients.  Then it allows you unlimited means to chat with them, which does mean to sell your products and services to them.  And how do you generate your Facebook list?  Simple: send out friend invites to people on the site.  And you don’t even have to look for people on Facebook to send your invites to. 

Facebook provides an endless stream of other Facebook members to whom you can invite to join your network.  You simply go to your Profile or Home page on Facebook.  Look at the top right side of that page you are on.  You will see a caption that says, “People You May Know.”  Under this will be listed the photo of a Facebook member whom you can invite to your network.  Once you click on “Add as friend” and complete this quick, simple procedure, another photo of another member will show in the same screen location, and you can click and “Add as friend” this member, too.  And so on. 

The key to marketing success on Facebook is not being obvious about marketing on Facebook.  But to remember to chat with people, make friends, engage in forums, send birthday greetings, post friendly and informative messages and photos, answer people who contact you, and send invites to meet new people and increase your network.  As you build relationships over time on Facebook then you can also build customer lists over time.  And do business on Facebook as well as social networking and friendship.

Buy This Book – Read Beautiful Poetry!

If you appreciate beautiful, profound poetry and writing that is clever and stimulating then you should definitely obtain a copy of “Triplicity: Poems in Threes” the newest book of verse by acclaimed poet Kristen McHenry. Visit this link to read about Kristen and a tasty sampling from Triplicity–an amazing poem about Star Trek’s Mr. Spock! Visit here to also obtain your personal copy of Kristen’s remarkable tome: This book is definitely a keeper!

Kristen McHenry is a resident of Seattle, Wash., and is a poet by night, non-profit program manager by day. She has her bachelor’s degree in theatre arts and filmmaking from The Evergreen State College. Among other publications, her work has been seen in Bare Root Review, Numinous Magazine, Tiferet …

A Walk In The Rain

It rained pretty good here in southern California this weekend, and I found myself taking a few long walks in the rain to experience it.  And as always, the rain reminded me of the past…and of what once was and what used to be.  And could have been.  It was the typical mixture of nostaglia and beautiful melancholy that nothing else like a rainy day and a long walk in the rain can evoke.  As much as I love a sunny day, there’s nothing like a rainy day to steal me away from the harsh world.

For those of you who can appreciate poignant moments from the past as well as a beautiful melancholic rainy day, here is a poem I wrote in the past for  someone the past stole from me.  Hope you enjoy it…and never forget beautiful rainy days. 


Oh, not too long ago, on a lonely day like today,
I watched you like the sunset that came but failed to remain.
And like every leaving sunset–I watched you walk away.
On a day like today…so much filled with darkness and rain.

 And though my torched heart truly loved you and begged you to stay,
(And though you paused long enough to give me strength to sustain
The worry of your leaving and the darkness of the day)
I never thought you’d leave till you stepped out into the rain.

 And though the rain keeps on falling, and seems so bleak and black,
And I feel like I’m drowning in a pool of endless pain,
Suddenly, one day–ah, the very same day! You came back!
(For you never left me. You just took a walk in the rain.)

The Greatest Piece of Music You Need to Hear…

Peter Ilyich Tchakovsky


As a musicologist and hardcore music lover I have listened to a lot of music over the years, from pop to classical (with romantic symphonic music being my ultimate favorite) and some kinds of music I don’t know how to categorize.  But there is one piece of music since the earliest days of my inception that I have considered and still consider the ultimate best and greatest piece of music ever written.  And that piece of music is the 5th Symphony in E Minor by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  Granted, all his symphonies, overtures, suites, and other major works are masterpieces.  But “The Destiny” symphony is truly his supreme best, and the greatest piece of music every soul on earth should be exposed to.

Some of the qualities that make this so is the symphony’s sheer volume of beautiful, original melodies as well as its incomparable orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, emotional depth and impact, and its novel-like construction and thesis.  Destiny is indeed the 5th Symphony’s theme and ethos.  The work gives new meaning to musical climax and emotional pinnacle.  I mean no arrogance when I say you don’t know what the greatest and most beautiful piece of music ever written is until you listen to the 5th Symphony by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  

However, I do hope you and every soul on earth someday will experience this sonic beauty.  How about now?

To read extensively about the 5th Symphony, visit this link:

To sample some music of Destiny, go here:

To savor the entire work immediately:

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