Following up on my post last week about the benefits of working for one’s self and online marketing, I give you four more really, really good reasons (benefits) herewith.  They apply for operating one’s own business, for being self-employed and an independent contractor, and for multi level marketing as well as online marketing for an online business.  Just add these to the three benefits I gave you last week, and get crackin’ on your self-made business made rich and successful via the Internet!
4.  No Need For Inventory:  In multi level marketing we sell products and services manufactured, owned, and distributed by other companies.  As owners of our own online business or affiliates to our MLM business we do not have to go out and collect merchandise and stock our apartment full of it to sell directly to customers.  We do all our marketing and customer contacting and order taking and order fulfillment via telephone and the Internet.  And we can accept payments by telephone and the Internet through credit card payment, PayPal, and a host of other means.  The only inventory you need to have is knowledge and skill, and the burning desire to succeed inside your heart and mind!

5.  Residual Income/Profit Potential: One very nice thing about MLM in particular (and other kinds of self-made businesses in general) is that you don’t have to work your derriere off in order to earn some decent money and supplement your income and day job.  You can start out slow and devote as much time and work to your online or MLM business as you want, all the while bringing some extra income for as long as your want and until you’re ready to go at it hardcore and even work your behind off to earn serious money.  If you want.  Earn a thousand extra bucks each month or dedicate more time and work to earning many thousands each month.  Many companies earn residual income from those working for them as MLMers and affiliates.  You can do the same.  Whenever you’re want!

6.  Low Cost To Operate: Not only do you not need to hire employees to work for you, all your expenses to operate an online or MLM business are almost negligible.  Own a computer?  Have a home or apartment where you live to work out of?  Okay, some pencils and pens, a printer, a cell phone or regular telephone, a tablet or two of paper, maybe a filing cabinet and desk, and a clock might come handy.  But you have most these items already, yes?  I can’t think of anything else you’ll ready need to–in terms of material things–to run your own multi level marketing business and start selling products to thousands of customers and acquire dozens or hundreds of affiliates to be working for you and achieve success in the MLM business.  Well, a checking account at a local bank to cash the payments you receive from your online business might be advisable!

7.  Small Risk Involved: All this brings us to what is perhaps the most pressing factor in many people’s minds with regards to online and multi level marketing and operating your own Internet business.  How much risk is involved?  What and how much do I risk to lose?  What if I fail?  The answer to these questions are pretty much the same in anything we do in life.  For in everything in life there is always a risk of failure!  You could get sick, you could change your mind or lose passion for the work, or suddenly want to do something else, or find that MLM is something you don’t enjoy doing.  The list is endless in this regard.  But financially speaking, the risk is extremely low when it comes to starting your own online/MLM business, becoming an entrepreneur, and going into a business which amazingly offers far more benefits than it does risks.  Financial independence and more direct control over one’s own life and destiny definitely outweigh any risks operating a small business can pose.  What are the risks in not going into this incredible business opportunity is something you really should think about.  Yes?

In The Arms Of The Angel…

Another singer with an angelic voice is Sarah McLaughlin.  In fact, not only does she sound and look like an angel but she wrote this song, In The Arms Of The Angel, which is an angelic experience in itself.  Such immense sonic beauty.  If this one doesn’t grab you and stir your soul to mutiny…well, you might want to consider going into the earplug business!

Meanwhile, I also found Sarah singing her same heavenly song with a guy named Josh Groban.  And if you don’t know who he is, by all means you may expect the music appreciation floggings to continue! lol

Now just sit back and listen…and let your ears and senses be enwhelmed and satiated by sonic beauty.

In The Arms Of The Angel – Sarah McLaughlin

Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban – In The Arms Of The Angel

What Matter?

Since today is POET’S DAY it is important to end the work week on a positive note.  In this regard, I consider the learning process that is life itself.  We are always learning and hopefully always growing and improving and progressing.  There is so much to learn and yet to know…and yet to do.  Unless you’re six feet under, I see no reason ever stop. 

So it is about truth and love and so many other superlative aspects of the human condition.  Even if for most our lives we lived in ignorance and walked a life full of folly, it is never too late to learn and to change and to become a better person.  This is the general theme of my poem for this bright, bustling, bodacious POET’S DAY.  And I hope the poem and its message is something you enjoy.  (:-D

What matter if the earth be flat or round
Or if life should remain a mystery?
So long as they astonish and astound,
This lively world is good enough for me!
But if by chance yours may have turned out wrong
And left you feeling little strength to survive,
I ask what matter if you be weak or strong
So long as you’re breathing and are still alive?
Yes, the days look dark and your hopes are few
And a lifetime of failures is all you can see,
But what matter if the world should laugh at you
So long as you still have your dignity?
For soon enough the falsehood of success flies
As wisdom has betrayed you as much as youth.
Still, what matter if you’ve lived your life in lies
So long as you ultimately find the truth?
But enough of regret.  And vanquish guilt!
The powers of change are poised and amassed!
And still waiting to see the future rebuilt…
Whenever you’re ready to bury the past.
Therefore, though you be angry at time and fate
And might even curse the heavens above,
What matter if a lifetime you endure hate
So long as you finally embrace love?


It’s seldom good to take the cart before the wheel.  And to just jump in and discuss how to do successful online marketing and everything that it is about and consists of, shouldn’t we first talk about WHY online business is a great thing to get into and do?  I mean, it might sound great to be President of the United States, or captain the Space Shuttle, or be a big-time film star, but what are the benefits?  What are the benefits of being self-employed and operating one’s own business?  Actually, a whole lot of benefits!  But short of writing a novel-length blog here, I’ll enumerate three of the seven most attractive benefits of having your own online business.
1.  Freedom/Control: Why work nine to five every Monday through Friday for some tyrannical boss at a job where you’re undervalued and underpaid when you can stay at home and work any hours you want?  And never have to leave your home or your computer except maybe when you need to hit the store once in while to buy food and provisions to live like a rock star?  Having control over your life and being able to decide when you want to work and how long and what hours in the day are benefits only rock stars and the rich and famous truly know.  But you can, too, when you run and operate your own business from home.  And are you own boss!
2.  Fulfillment: Most every kind of online business is a people business.  You’re in the business of providing quality service or products to people who need them and can benefit from them.  You’re in the business of giving fulfillment to other people.  And this, of course, give you fulfillment as well.  You’re also in the business of helping and showing others to have their own business, thus providing more fulfillment for everyone involved.  I love this quote from motivation speaker and fulfillment-expert Tony Robbins: “Success without fulfillment is failure.”  And I think it is.  Being in conrol and running your own business allows you to fulfill the needs, desires, and dreams of others.  And also your own.  If this ain’t success, what is?
3.  No Need For Employees: Today’s typical business owner has a lot to worry about, including his employees.  Not that this has not always been the case.  But this is something you don’t have to worry about.  Because you don’t need to hire people to work for you.  This means you don’t have to worry about paying state and federal taxes for employees, medical and dental benefits, sick leave, vacation time, nor acquiring office space and equipment to furnish an employee.  You have only one employee to worry about: yourself.  And since you’re the boss, what is there to worry about!  In essence, your business consists of people independently working together and sharing common goals.  Everyone self-employed works for himself.  And we save and earn a lot more money by doing so!

There are of course four other great benefits to working for one’s self and being self-employed.  I will save these to share with you in a few days.  Meanwhile, absorb these important benefits of being one’s own boss, and keep thinking about starting your own business and soon enjoying what all Americans celebrate the day of July 4 every year: independence!

Ghost Story…

I believe this song to be the greatest song Sting ever wrote.  It’s got to be one of the most awesome songs ever written, too.  It’s deep, it’s comprehensive, its sensitive, it’s written in elevated language and rhyme and many tempos, it is a novel of drama and love.  And if you listen closely and read the words, it will get you.  Especially if you ever loved someone.  Really, really loved someone.  And it’s someone you lost.  Which is why or how this song is a ghost story…of the most haunting kind.  But one I hope you enjoy.




Warm, Sunny Days

Today is not one of these warm, sunny days I love to enjoy every spring and summer, but it actually warmed up a little bit here in southern California that none of us living in this neck of the woods should complain.  I lament, however, all those who live in Iceland and Greenland and the North and South Poles who almost never experience warm, sunny days, although cold, sunny days I am sure they really are used to! 

Then there are those warm, sunny days that live in your heart–the ones you especially remember from sharing special moments with someone you love.  It’s sad, though, when you can’t find someone to share a warm, sunny day with, or you’re with someone you love who doesn’t appreciate warm, sunny days nor the warmth of love in your heart.  This poem here is about that.  It’s an experience I can remember only too well…that can turn warm, sunny days into cold ones.  You know?  If you don’t, I hope you never have to.


When you live long enough you wonder about things:
What happened to love and every beautiful day?
What became of all the lovely summers and springs?
You held love in your hand, how did it slip away?
What were the words said or those I should have spoken?
Or that one simple truth which love should never speak?
(That leaves a heart feeling hurt or even broken,
And transforms summer to winter, and bright to bleak?)
Were it I could travel to a warm, sunny isle
And pretend the past was the place where I should be,
I would cherish all the days when I made you smile,
And you felt so warm and sunny being with me.
But I guess there’s no use in leaving or going,
Although winter is not a place I fear to stay.
Besides, here inside my heart it’s always snowing,
And you never liked warm, sunny days, anyway.


This is just a quick pep talk to everyone who should appreciate online marketing; and this includes multi-level marketing, too!

Yowza! welcome to the most powerful and popular form of marketing and advertising in the universe!  It’s so vast, it’s so much, and it’s everywhere.  And its numerous kinds of tips, tricks, tools, and techniques available to you to use to market your business, advertise your services and products, and find customers and clients and associates, all appear to be boundless and bountiful.  Now, today, via the Internet and email, you can reach millions of potential customers and downliners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, who live, work, and play anywhere and everywhere on the planet.  Hold the appetizers and beer!  No need for home Tupperware parties or Amway barbecues to stuff a mere 30 people into your tiny apartment to sell your MLM goods and opportunities.  You can reach thousands of them and stuff them into your ongoing MLM lists on a daily basis, and do so sitting at home snacking and drinking a beer and not have to spend anything but time in front of your computer putting your multi level marketing and network marketing knowledge and skills to work. 

Online marketing is the future.  And the future is unbelievably now!


 Gun Wisdom

 Words from the wise.  Shooting advice from various concealed carry instructors.  If you own a gun, you will appreciate this.  If not, you should get one and learn how to use it:
A.   Guns have only two enemies rust and politicians.
B.   It’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
C.   Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.
D.   Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.
E.   Never say “I’ve got a gun.”  If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.
F.   The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes, the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.
G.  The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary.
H.   Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’ll be empty.
I.     If you’re in a gun fight:
                1. If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.
                2. If you’re not loading, you should be movin,
                3.  If you’re not movin’, you’re dead.
J.    In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!
K.   If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?
L.   You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.
M.  You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.
If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, please forward.

Beautiful Sunsets…

Everywhere over the world you can find beautiful sunsets.  Even in places ranked by ugliness and turmoil.  For the suffering people in such places, I suppose a beautiful sunset is one of the few things they have to look forward to and enjoy.  Here at home in the good ol’ U.S. of A., a new year has dawned and I think we have a lot to look forward to, though no doubt there are suffering people here who will quickly disagree with me.  I understand.  And wish everyone of you a beautiful sunset whenever and wherever you can grab it.  And savor it to your soul!


Such a stark sky–and here comes the sunset!
To bask our eyes in lilting sights to see.
And though there are many, I’ve seen none yet
Ah, as beautiful as you…here with me!
Now there above the sands, loom bashful blues!
And o’er the sea, a glimpse of glinting grays!
Until a cascade of emerald hues
Cast out one more of many love-filled days!
So I do not fear the darkness, nor death;
Nor the portent of a desolate end.
For we live love in every single breath!
And the waning face of God is a friend!
So come now, and let us enjoy, my love,
This achingly-beautiful setting sun.
Where the angels in heaven, high above,
Are happiest when they’ve touched everyone!
For here we have a sparkling sunset.
And oh, not one to hurry to perceive!
So let’s stay forever, it’s not done yet…
(And never is the only time to leave!)


The iconic singer/songwriter Bob Dylan was definitely right: “…the times they are a-changin’.”  During the past 10 to 15 years this couldn’t be more true than for network marketing and  multi level marketing.  And who or what is responsible for this diabolical yet wonderful change?  Well, the diabolical but wonderful Internet, of course!  And a wonderful, phenomenal change it has been, I don’t mind adding. 
In the old days before the Internet got so big and powerful and popular, the old ways of doing marketing and MLM was you would buy a case of beer, fix a few trays of sexy appetizers, and invite all your friends and acquaintances and strangers over to your house and wine and dine and lecture them all in an effort to sell most of them your Tupperware or Amway products, while on the side hoping to convert a few of your guests to join your network (your downline) and become affiliates of you MLM enterprise.  For the very dedicated and passionate MLMer this used to work, and sometimes to great success.  But it took so much hard work and dedicated time to make a steady income of selling your product(s) and adding associates to your downline that success took a lot more dedication and passion than you bargained on, right?  Oh, the old days and old ways of doing business.  Boy, what a bummer it used to be.  But not anymore!
For the new way and new wave of doing business and making your MLM work faster and better for you (and with less work and time) is now at your fingertips.  Literally.  And it’s called the Internet.  Multi level marketing is, by and large, now online marketing and network marketing, and the new way of selling products and finding and building a network of associates to become part of your marketing campaign and MLM downline so you can generate many levels of marketing and selling and success.  Maybe the light bulb was the first great invention to usher in the 20th century.  But the Internet is certainly the greatest to complete it and the usher the 20th century into the 21st!

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