One reason I’ve always liked Neil Diamond is because he has often over the years written songs about loneliness (Song Sung Blue, Solitary Man, I AM, I Said, Courtin’ Disaster, etc.) and seems to know the subject as well as I do.  And I know the subject pretty darn well–not that I’m braggin’!  There are a lot of lonely people in this world, and The Beatles reminded us of this when they wrote Eleanor Rigby: “Look at all the lonely people/Where do they all come from?”  They come from the same lonely place I come from: a place where it’s easier and feels safer to be alone and lonely than take a chance at not being so, thinking something worse could happen. 

A lot of worse things could happen.  Or not.  You’ll never know, though, unless you take the chance and risk it.  I did this recently.  And I may have made a big mistake.  I don’t know yet, and it looks very possible it was a big mistake and could spell far worse for me.  But no matter.  I had to do it.  For, you see, I’m tired of being alone.  And lonely.  Not an easy thing for guys to admit…which may be why there are more guys alone and lonely than women!

So I think the chance and risk are worth it.  Even if the odds are great it will be worse if you take the chance and risk.  The reason is…well, here’s a poem I wrote to tell you the reason.  Give it a gander.  And if you’re a guy, really give it a gander!  It’s worth it.

Out looking for a sunset or one sparkling sunrise,
Loneliness makes you tired of enjoying them alone.
So what of happy words, seeing sunlight in hope’s eyes,
If all your life loneliness is all you’ve ever known?
For what matter the glimpses you see that never form,
If they be no more than just a momentary gaze?
Oh, I would look for love in rain or even a storm,
If love were only cruel on desolate sunny days.
Might suddenly you appear along some sunlit beach,
And feeling as sullen as I of the lonely past,
Might we then share a sunset or sunrise within reach,
To know just one moment when loneliness didn’t last?
Oh, might I then see myself reflected in your eyes,
As you would see your happiness reflected in mine.
Oh, I would give you a sunset…and such a sunrise,
Where love was endless…and loneliness could never shine!
That if I should find you by some lonely, distant sea,
And if your heart be as sad and forlorn as my own–
(Though love became cruel and all that life had ever shown!)

You would know me…and then answer my desperate plea,

Cause loneliness is way too lonely to bear alone.

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