ImageNever underestimate the power of love.  It can make you do crazy things, even change your name, your profession, the way you think and live, and how you dress and what you eat–not to mention all the things you become willing to give up for it.  It’s crazy, it’s bewildering, it’s frustrating, and it’s maddening.  But it’s also wonderful and exciting and maybe the most powerful kind of happiness there is in life.  Well, here’s a poem about one of my alter-egos who dares to tell you what he did for love.


Life had often appeared so unappealing to me
And seemingly less than it was wont to seem.
But because you were destined to always be
Lovelier than the loveliest dream,
I became a dreamer.

For I had hoped to lose myself upon the sea
And in every wave that rose and tossed.
But because you lived to sail with me
And to find yourself as infinitely lost,
I became a sailor.

Yet there were skies who had struggled to be
As sweet as any freedom I was foolish to ignore.
But because your heart was wild and free
And worth a life’s living or dying for,
I became a soldier.

But more than these I had come to see,
Especially during my most desperate hour!
Because you lived and came to love me
Lovelier than the loveliest flower,
I became a gardener.


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