I’m all for fighting evil and defending one’s life, family, and liberty, and all that.  But when evil is not your enemy and against whom you must fight–but rather it is misguided hate and anger–then surrender under the right conditions is a just and moral option.  Here is a poem I wrote on the subject that explains it better.  For, as everyone knows, poetry oftens explains things so much better than prose!




Our destinies seem doomed and so replete
With the endless capacity to wage war.
And everywhere we find triumph or defeat
Beckoning us inside its restive door.

For we are always easy to convince
Those we must have reasons to love or hate,
While the diatribes of emperor and prince
Guide us to the same old, destructive fate!

For rays of rage and wrath keep glistening
Over the graveyards of the slain and the dead;
But mankind does not seem to be listening
To anything that history has said.

Yet, though I am only one–so are you,
And either of us can be the first to halt
What our worst natures are disposed to pursue,
No matter who is…or is not at fault!

For look! A treaty of peace is tendered!
While waves of amity beckon and invite.
Look! I have bravely but humbly surrendered!
When will you find the courage not to fight?

For look! I am making this my last stand!
That are still the gods of our better natures.
Look! I have now taken the sword from my hand!
When will you finally take it from yours?

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