I think love is a sacred thing.  But so are the oaths we swear and the vows we make.  Infidelity is not a virtue or honorable.  Loyalty and faithfulness are omnipotent.  These are strengths of character people need to have in order to achieve and to maintain successful relationships and do goodness in this life.  For betrayal is the destroyer of character and of honor, loyalty, fidelity, and love.  But temptation is the thing that can lead to betrayal.  However, there is no honor or character unless we are challenged from time to time.  And this is why God created temptation.  The secret to success when it comes to honor and character is not giving in to temptation and overcoming what overcomes us.  This is what I had to say about it here in prose. 

Now here are some words I had to say about it in poetry!


Though love is a sacred, silent vow
that neither the passage of time can diminish
nor the vicissitudes of fortune can alter,
it is as frail as a leaf
and as vulnerable as a cloud
whenever the silence
is broken by disloyalty
and the vow
is shattered by betrayal.

And though time would seduce you
and fortune would tempt you
to destroy and betray
what the soul of love has sworn
and made of you
and what you have made
and sworn to love,
it is not life nor honor
nor trust nor even love
whom you betray,
nor even time or fortune
who has made you a betrayer.
It is your soul whom you betray
and you who has chosen to betray it!

And there is nothing worst
than betraying
the sacred, silent vow
of your soul.


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