I think love is a  lot of things.  And this is why I never run out of poems to write about what it is (and is not!).  Here is one of those what-love-is poems I actually wrote on a rainy day.  So maybe it was the rain that inspired me .  Or maybe this poem is one I would have written on a sunny day too!  You can be the judge.  But most of all, I hope you enjoy the read…and never stop looking for love or immensely cherishing the love you have.

Love is laughter and standing in the rain
And holding wet hands longer than a while.
Or here in the cauldron of anxious pain…
Love is having to wait to see you smile!
Love is the silence you leave unspoken;
The words in your eyes so fun and funny!
That though the day feels cloudy and broken,
When you smile it becomes bright and sunny!
Love is the rainfall that pours inside me
Each second you are near and I kiss you.
It is when life feels so sad and lonely
Whenever you are gone and I miss you!
Ah, love is the rain in your hair and face
And what makes the day, and rights every wrong!
It is how we feel when our souls embrace,
And what makes me write this rainy day song!
For this is love, my love, please believe me,
Even if the rain should turn into snow!
Or whenever each time you must leave me,
Love takes me with you…wherever you go.

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