BRILLIANT DISGUISE by Bruce Springsteen‏

It was not until his album Tunnel of Love that I really discovered Bruce Springsteen and came to appreciate his gift for songwriting and singing.  More so, I’ve become convinced The Boss is easily one of America’s 10 greatest songwriters.  This song, Brilliant Disguise (from Tunnel of Love), is really a brilliant example of Springsteen’s incomparable songwriting skills.  You just have to listen closely: it’s full of subtly and metaphor and a nice twist and profound statement at the very end.  The whole album Tunnel of Love is a masterpiece, and I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates great pop/rock music and beautiful torch songs.  As a bonus, I’ve also included his haunting song “You’re Missing,” from his equally suburb album The Rising, which was the most successful album of 2002 and the ultimate tribute to 9/11.  There were or are a lot tribute songs, but I know of no other that captures the emotional grief and loss of 9/11 as does You’re Missing.  If it doesn’t rip your heart out and lay it bare, then there’s probably no music that can.


LINK TO MISSING (with lyrics):


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