This is how it was long ago when I kissed someone I really loved for the last time.  Such a time often comes to each of us.  For does anyone get out of life alive?  Well, maybe this poem of mine will help you when the times comes and you need to kiss someone you really love for the last time.  And ah, may they kiss you back the same!



When you should be fading before me and nearing death,
Like a frail leaf drowning in an early morning mist,
I’ll kiss you like a poet now writing his last breath,
To lips his heart was given–no words had ever kissed!
I’ll kiss you like a wounded dove in desperate flight,
Lost from ever finding home or any place called love.
I’ll kiss you like a fallen angel stolen from light,
Ah, bereft of ever reaching our brethren above!
I’ll kiss you like an ocean does a smooth, sandy beach,
In a broken, tearful touch–enflamed!–yet soft and cool.
Not because hope and salvation are beyond all reach,
But because death is wise, and life has made me a fool!
I’ll kiss you like springtime, when the trees are rich and rife,
Like a memory of passion gorged and cloyed with fruit.
I’ll kiss you like a flower does the sunlight of life,
And like silence does lovely music time cannot mute!
I’ll kiss you like the virgin snow does the barren earth,
Like the desolate clouds would kiss a radiant sky.
Or as the cold, frozen wind can kiss a blazing hearth,
Oh, I’ll kiss you like the stars that watch a sunset die!
Then, when all is said and done and the moment is gone,
I’ll kiss you with a kiss that will last forevermore!
That because I love you as a graveyard does the dawn
(Just as the darkest dark begs the faintest light come in!)
I swear I’ll kiss you as you’ve never been kissed before!
(And as long as I live…you’ll never be kissed again.)


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