The Passion Show Remix is an amazing album of music you need to hear!

When I’m not giving time to clients as a copywriter, editor, or poet, I get to have a lot of fun working as a musicologist and songwriting facilitator (an original title if ever there was one!).  Well, one thing I really enjoy doing in this capacity is turning people on to really great new music I have the pleasure of discovering from time to time.  So I want to tell you about this really fabulous new album of pop/rock/techno music I can’t stop listening to.  It’s entitled THE PASSION SHOW REMIX, and it’s 13 amazingly original songs written and sung by international performing star OFIR.

But don’t take my word for it.  Put on your surfing shoes and segue over to and give a listen and watch the sample music video there.  It’ll be easy to see that the small price to own immense beauty (you can enjoy over and over again for the rest of your life!) is incredibly worth it.  Just remember to drop me a note here and let me know when you’re listening to OFIR’s new album and how much continual ecstasy you are enjoying!  And don’t fear screaming it to the world.  Just remember to tell me too! lol



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