If you live in Los Angeles or southern California, or whenever you might plan a visit here, I highly recommend you visit and eat at Emle’s Restaurant on Reseda Boulevard in Northridge.  It’s just an astounding eatery with an unbelievable variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals and courses to scrumptiously devour and insanely feast upon!  They serve the tastiest and hugest waffles and pancakes maybe in the whole world during breakfast (and all kinds of delectable omelets!), but their lunch and dinner entrees are huge and hugely delicious too: best steak and fish dinners I’ve ever eaten anywhere.  Prices are really decent and the hundreds of different kinds of mouthwatering dishes they cook up and serve is mindboggling.

Anyway, guess I like Emle’s Restaurant in Northridge, California.  Well, eating food is one of the main things all of us humans do in this life.  So, if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it deliciously best…and feast to your heart and stomach’s ultimate delight!  Meanwhile, here is a fun, friendly poem I wrote about Emle’s Restaurant…which may not be as delicious as the food they serve but hopefully still fun to read!


Near the cozy corner of Prairie and Reseda,
In the dapper district of Northridge, California,
Sits a swank, sizzling establishment called EMLE’S,
The most renowned restaurant across the seven seas!

Here lavish style and taste enjoy constant confluence,
Rife with a sweet Mediterranean influence!
While mixed with choice flavors of Californian cuisine,
Every meal that is served is worthy of king or queen!

For when it comes to service, EMLE’S stands at the top
With fast, efficient waiters who never pause or stop!
And with cute maître d’s Yehya and Sam wielding tray,
There’s no time to even think the words, “What’s the delay?”

In morning, noon and night there is only scrumptious food
(And the don’t forget the awesome wine list we must include!)
Plus, you are served a humongous portion as each meal,
And at such modest prices–well, talk about a steal!

With a menu as vast as all of L.A. City,
I dare say it’s a tragic and terrible pity
That no lifetime is long enough to try every dish.
I mean, here I am still sampling just the steaks and fish!

Well, with ambiance galore and elegance to spare,
Paradise exists and is yours to savor and share!
And with owner Nick in charge and wife Sanaa in tow,
EMLE’S the best place in the whole world to dine and go!

In fact, there’s nowhere else to fill your heart and tummy
And enjoy such obscene pleasure while screaming “yummy!”
So forget rating three or four stars and talking jive,
For the best place anywhere to eat, EMLE’S a five!


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