A great film classic with Errol Flynn inspired me somewhat in the writing of this poem.  Mostly though, I was inspired by the woman for whom I wrote it, as she was the best person I ever knew and ever spent my life with.  So I dedicate this poem to all the lucky men in the world who have or ever had a perfect soul mate to bless their lives…as I once did in a gracious life now, unfortunately, forever gone from me.

It was a lovely day, as such days usually are:
The sky was blue and bright, the sun was its brightest star.
For happiness was mine when you first came into view!
Then I knew the most gracious thing I could ever do…
Was spend all my time on earth walking through life with you.
And though it were a quiet forest or roaring sea,
Under a bough of rainfall or ‘neath a sunlit tree,
As long as you were walking graciously beside me,
I knew our hearts would sing till the endlessness of spring!
And learn to always find happiness in everything.

Yet love so sweet and true had become our guiding star

Who had to guide us to whom we love and what we are!
(And for all the gracious love we were to make and see!)
So no matter the future…or how short life might be,
Eternity lived in every day you spent with me.
For my life was complete when you first came into view,
Though it were a day or a whole lifetime shared by two!
So before the end should reach the endlessness of spring,
Let these few words be the last I ever speak and do:
“Walking through life with you has been a most gracious thing.”

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