I think if ever I had a conversation with the universe on the topic of love that it might be like this poem I wrote here.  I don’t know if the universal would really listen to me, but I know exactly what I would say to it.  And ask of it.  And the answer I would hope to receive.



You know who you are who has been granted the gift of love,
With the long life to relish it for as long as you live.
And because it is magnificent and heaven-sent,
It’s essential that you scream it to the heavens above!
And show the universe the thankfulness you have to give
That comes in the soft smile of an humble acknowledgement.
Then to that infinite happiness that has come your way,
Bid gratitude to love and truth and to a poet’s art!
At the closing of each night and at the dawn of each day:
“The loveliest place I’ll ever know is inside your heart.”
You know who you are who now enjoys that ultimate gift,
Though it be a short life to cherish for but a short while.
In the off-chance it escapes you before you fear it should,
Savor each moment, and pray pain is brief and death is swift,
And you will never forget the shape of your lover’s smile!
Nor the taste and feel of everything that was sweet and good.
Then to the light inescapable…bid a fond adieu,
While facing the unthinkable–what life and death impart!–
And scream to the universe just before it becomes true:
“The loneliness place I’ll ever know is outside your heart.”



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Smrithi
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 01:12:56

    You’re too kind to the universe…you let it off the hook too easily


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