Some days and some nights clouds take on a special meaning to me.  Here is a poem I wrote about that meaning.

Patrick The Poet

Like a boat on the sea…lonely and adrift,
My eyes plow the sky each night looking for you.
And there amidst the clouds each night comes a gift,
A vision of the past…cloaked in gray and blue!
For what need for photographs or memories
To remember and recall the love I lost?
Ah, the clouds are rife, and I have seven seas
Who for the past no lover has ever crossed!
Yet for you, sweet love, I scour these each night,
In the confines that lie between sky and sea.
But beneath clouds each night does my heart make flight
From the desolate world that stole you from me.
And there you are tonight!  With the misty smile!
For God is giving, as are the clouds a gift!
So, sweet love, let my eyes hold on for a while,
Like a boat on the sea…lonely and adrift.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Smrithi
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 23:45:40

    This is soo sweet…am sure you can see her smile in the clouds.
    Makes me think of those times (long ago) when I used to try and see shapes in the clouds. And I happily realized that you talk of clouds that travel from sea to sky 🙂 (I, for one, can only see the few above my head. Rest are obscured by concrete ‘trees’)


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