Here is an inspirational poem for everyone’s reading pleasure and for everyone who needs some inspiration and words of motivation to go out and take on life and its problems and defeat it…and achieve victory in your life!

Patrick The Poet

You may measure it in brave acts and deeds,
In the vanquishing of a mighty foe;
To disprove what valor sometimes concedes,
Or to show courage–so all men might know!
Perhaps honor or freedom was your cause,
Or righteous indignation stirred your soul.
What ulterior motive could give pause
To the obvious candor of your goal?
Still, if your should measure it with your eyes,
Thinking it were glorious and concrete,
Proud to have established truth over lies
While gathering laurel leaves at your feet;–
Why then, does victory still seem obscured?
But oh you who has fought the hardest war,
Who sought neither fame nor approbation,
Who stood before the mob’s ignoble score 
And resisted conceit and temptation;
Ah, you who answered the clarion call
To fight until truth and justice could win,
Though you be scorned, cursed and betrayed by all,
Though defeat was yours time and time again;
When you measure it with your heart and mind,
And forge yourself to give only your best,
Keeping goodness as what you sought to find,
While humility was all you possessed;–
Know then you will find victory secured!

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