I’ve learned a few things in life.  One of them is not to carry a lover’s cross, or certainly don’t carry it for someone who is undeserving, doesn’t appreciate it, and won’t love you back.  I’ve known this experience recently, in fact.  Not only did she not love me back, wouldn’t even try to love me back, and didn’t even appreciate my loving her, I know now she’s not capable of loving anyone back.  So I’ve discarded my lover’s cross for her, and saving it and so much more for someone who will appreciate it and care and who knows that to find someone to love and be loved by in this world is an immense gift never to be discarded or ignored.   

Here’s a poem I wrote about this whole subject, although not one I wrote or would waste upon her!  No, I wrote it for others so they might learn not to have a lover’s cross for someone to whom your life as well as your love are meaningless.

You carry a lover’s cross everywhere you go,
And it’s an awful burden–but this much I know:
Love is a struggle that always exacts a toll,
Not only from the heart…but deep inside the soul.
Yet this is how love becomes and sometimes must be
When you find happiness ruled by disharmony!
You can only move on and keep changing the plan,
While giving all you have…and taking what you can.
For the journey is not so sweet, and often cruel:
Sometimes you’re only a victim…and not the fool!
Other times you pretend you can’t make up your mind
If hate is the answer…or is love only blind?
Then the years rush on in an incoherent tide,
And you know ‘fore it’s too late that you must decide!
To save your heart and soul while you still have the chance.
Or live and die…carrying on this crazy dance.
For you can’t hate love no matter how much you try.
But you can’t love hate no matter how much you cry!
And since both cannot exist ever together,
Goodbye is the only hope…that springs forever.
So here’s a word from the wise to your heart and soul
(Now before it’s too late and death exacts the toll!)
There’s a time to look away, and a time to know:
When the time has come…to let that lover’s cross go.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. George W Mahn III
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 22:27:17

    Insightul, Patrick!


  2. nicepoethere
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 23:01:59

    Well, there’s nothing like experience and stupidity to give one some insight to love and life, I dare say. Though I ain’t bragging! lol

    Anyway, thanks for your comment, my friend. (:-D


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