Sometimes I like to believe that The Beatles were right: “All You Need Is Love,” and every problem in the world and in our personal lives can be conquered and swept away and the whole world can live in peace and harmony as well as great bounty and freedom.  Well, in reality perhaps love can’t conquer all things and cure the world of all its ills.  But for a few things in life I think it definitely is all we need and is all we should want to need.  This poem, which I dedicated to my great novelist father, is about this very subject.

And if you’d like to read some really great poetry–much of it about love and the power of love–my father’s epic book of verse, “A Lover’s Anthem,” is one I highly recommend.  Naturally.  But it is full of beautiful poems and insightful philosophy, and you can obtain your very own copy of it here:  For more than not, I believe my father Elsan H. Stafford was right: love is all. 

Patrick The Poet  

LOVE IS ALL (Dedicated TO E.H.S.)
At first the day was filled with sunny words and sweet embrace,
That sense of blissful yearning that only love can impart.
For the sun was in your hair and a smile upon your face,
The things that can drive a stranger to steal a stranger’s heart!
But words are things, too, that can be as strong as act and deed.
For no stranger or friend ever knows what can come of this,
When words are said in prideful quarrel, without any need,
They can chill the warmest smile and sour the sweetest kiss!
For who are we to know in our stark ignorance and youth
How frail is every lover’s heart when harsh words are spoken?
Were it I could speak again and sneak a lie for the truth
To save a higher truth and one heart from being broken!
Ah, I would fill the clouds with rain and the sun with sunlight!
I would turn out pain and turn the swallows from turning south!
I would toss forth words like jewels on the tails of stars in flight!
And spend my life every single moment kissing your mouth!
At last, then, like music ebbing into diminished thirds,
The sad, direful day can reveal one bright, melodic night!
And even the hurtful memory of the harshest words
Can become rapt, righteous rainfall and soft, splendrous sunlight!
So then, let us recall the truer words of love’s embrace,
And reclaim such truths that only forgiveness can impart!
The sunlight is in your hair…and a smile upon my face!
Love is all, and all we need, to heal any lover’s heart.

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