SERENDIPITYWhen you find someone special in this world to really love and who really loves you, you’ll want to hold on to them forever…or at least as long as you can.  And if ever you get separated from that special someone or torn apart, you’ll pray to be reunited…and the next time you hear a voice calling your name you pray it will be the voice of that special someone.  Calling your name.  With such great need and earnestness.  You know they cannot bear to be without you any more than you can bear to be without them.  This is love.  And this is what my poem here this Friday is about…always the most sought-after power and treasure we all want more than all else in this life.  No, not happiness.  That comes after.  Love.

Patrick The Poet


Here you walk beside me,
always in a heightened step,
your dream the same as mine;
and deep inside me
not a secret from each other
now or ever kept!
Still, time has a way
to throw suspicion about
as rumor has a way
to break hearts and sink ships.
Yet safely I can say
and without a shred of doubt,
never a lover’s name
has ever given way
from your lover’s lips.
Then after more years came,
one night while you softly slept
I heard you shout someone’s name!
Perhaps a secret you had kept,
longer than any hope or dream
to which I held claim?
Still, why throw suspicion about:
however appearances may seem
rumor’s ill-presence is ignorance shown!
For soon, without a shred of doubt
the surprising truth becomes known:
what lover’s name I heard you shout?
None other than my own!

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