LOVE ISIf you ever loved someone with all your heart and soul then you will understand this poem and totally relate to it.  On the other hand, if you never have loved someone in such a manner well, perhaps someday you may.  Then you can come back and revisit this poem.  And at that time you will understand it.  For sure!

Patrick The Poet


Sometimes when I confer with angels above
I thank them for the gifts passionate and sweet.
Like the gift of happiness that they call love…
And this sacred ground that lies beneath your feet!

For if your heart be true as the sky is blue,
And as true and sacred as a sacred oath,
My desolate own would live and die for you
If it could simultaneously do both!

Music would fill my eyes for my lips to taste,
And the sky would hear the sea reflect its light!
Then every moment when our hearts were embraced,
You would know why morning always follows night!

There’d be no time for quarrel but only joy!
And while we surrendered to one sacred goal,
We would know what even time cannot destroy–
The joining of two hearts who become one soul!

Yes, perhaps you think you know passion and love
Yet found them over time have always perished;
But since I have conferred with angels above,
It’s time you accept being truly cherished!

For this is yours in my own time and fashion,
If you become mine till our last breaths are drawn!
While I show you the true nature of passion,
And worship the sacred ground you walk upon.


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