SEA LOVERSHere’s a sea-story poem to stir your hearty barnacles to depths of ghostly mutiny and windswept romance!

Patrick The Poet



Oh, such dark and mysterious eyes,
How I loved the way they gazed at me.
As the sand caressed our whispered sighs
Long ago when we lived by the sea.
The sea-breeze air was windy and fresh,
Then beckoned our hearts to lose control.
And while my cautious hands soothed your flesh,
Your fevent, windy heart soothed my soul.
You needed a companion for life,
And I needed a lover to love.
And there each night when the tide was rife,
We conjoined beneath the stars above.
For here by the sea is where we met,
Here by the sea where our love was made.
Yet the sea will take what it can get,
Just as the stars above often fade.
For one night you arrived before me
And fell to wait in drowsy repose.
While the lulling of the harsh, cold sea
Brought what it does when the high tide flows!
For harsh is the sea that drowns the heart
In the tide that love cannot delay.
Although we were never swept apart,
My life was when yours was swept away!
For the tide rolls in and never dies,
And now flows harsh and cold over me;
Were it I could hear a lover’s cries
Instead of my own here by the sea.

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