ROMANCEThe romantic idea always suggests hope and optimism and that a better world is coming.  It’s a moral belief and conviction, and it’s the sort of stuff that Tony Robbins teaches and all lifecoaches should!  This poem here I wrote a couple years ago is in keeping with belief and conviction.

Patrick The Poet


Wait for me in the shadows near the brightest lamp post,
Along the warmest street you can find which bears no name.
There I will soon come to you like a desolate ghost,
Out of the emptiness of our lives which staked its claim.

Don’t look if I am handsome, don’t ask if I am strong.
Or wonder how deeply cutting life has left its mark.
Have I not braved the distance, have I not traveled long?
How much strength do we need to be rescued from the dark?

Never mind if my lips are harsh or my eyes are cold,
Or how hard I have suffered this bitter road alone.
Isn’t it enough I have a heart to kiss and hold?
And have come to sooth the bitter coldness of your own?
Isn’t it enough that the end is arriving late
And we still have time to learn what the beginning meant?
Ah, isn’t it enough that the end was worth the wait…
To find we had courage to see what one last hope sent?

Isn’t it enough our lives were brought here at the last
Beyond the prophetic shadows of a far worse fate?
Isn’t it enough we survived the desolate past…
And love came and rescued us before it was too late?


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