SIMPLE LOVEHere is a simple love poem…for all of you who enjoy simple love poems!

Patrick The Poet


Some people are so easy to love.
It kills you to even do.
And then when you find they love you back,
It can break your heart in two.

They have not one tint of hate in them,
But only kindness to give.
So you wonder when you’re beside them,
Should you even try to live?

For such goodness knows no jealousy;
Only reverence and awe.
And when compared to other angels,
There really should be a law!

So it was with one I came to love
Who held me deep and transfixed.
Such a jewel of beauty and virtue
In one such gem God had mixed.

So it is enough for me to say,
Though I be poor and shallow,
Ah, I once knew love and humbly stood
In the light of its shadow.

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