RAINBOWIn keeping with the ongoing fact that every week we experience POET’S DAY, here is another lilting romantic poem for everyone on my equally lilting mailing list who visits my blog here.  ‘Tis a little philosophical in nature, this one.  But sufficiently romantic, I trust.  For let us not forget: every poet is a philosopher…though every philosopher is not a poet!

Some people complain too much about the rain.
And some simply pine too often for sunshine.
Then curse it just like the rain when thereʼs too much,
Though there was just enough to make a rainbow!

Then there are those who seek laughter all the time.
If only so it will hide their tears away.
Yet each is needed in equal proportion
To treasure both rain and sunshine together!

For such is the way things are and have to be
To keep the world turning and in harmony:
You need rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.
And laughter and tears to appreciate life.


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