TIDE ON THE BEACHLove is really not so complicated, or at least it doesn’t have to be.  It’s as simple as the sea and the tide that rushes upon the shore.  One only has to look for it to be this way.  And read this poem by moi!

Patrick The Poet


I would have you see into my heart
If only your eyes would dare to look.
In every corner in whole and part
You would read love like an open book.

There we would stroll o’er some errant shore
Hand in hand amidst the breaking tide.
And find what love must yearn to adore,
What the cold, wet surf cannot subside!

For the warm bright morning does insist
What a coy, shy heart pretends to scorn;
Love is an urge time cannot resist,
To which every true lover is sworn!

So let us claim our place with the tide
And every pleasure fear ever took.
We can have what time cannot subside,
If you fear not love and dare to look.



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