JEALOUSYMaybe no kind or form of jealousy is healthy, and should be avoided.  No matter, it’s still often unavoidable and a natural event which a truly passionate and devoted lover has no recourse but to feel!

Patrick The Poet



I would curse the heavens and abhor the skies
Whenever I must suffer them with envy,
For each day they are touched by your lovely eyes
And dare to enjoy such pleasure more than me!

When you walk the garden and inhale a rose,
And I see each of them know such ecstasy,
My heart almost withers and wilts to a close—
As only love can harvest such jealousy!

Oh, to hear your lush lips give sweet sound to air,
Or see them kiss a salty mist from the sea,
Is almost more than a lover’s heart can bear…
For every moment they are not kissing me!

So should I give in to such heart-wrenching wiles
And live this futility of jealousy?
Or should I yearn to share each gift beauty smiles,
Though as love it is neither possessed nor free?

Then I guess I should pledge to walk hand in hand
In the shadow of beauty…here by the sea.
However, while your soft feet caress the sand,
I will, of course, curse it for being happy!


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