SEASHORE LOVERSThis is for all the lonely souls out there who have given up hope of every finding love.  Don’t give up!  If you never quit, you’re never beaten.  If you never quit, love can be found!

Patrick The Poet


I lie awake with the sound of the sea
And feel the slow-ebbing flow of high tide.
Somewhere a restless spirit pursues me:
I am not the only one who has died!
Some desperate soul not unlike my own
Wanders between the fate of sea and sand,
Who, of poignant loneliness, should have known
For such as we, this is what fate had planned:
To stroll life’s seashores without goal or aim,
And to wander for years lonely and alone;
To wait to love but without chance or claim,
Between the driftwood of seaweed and stone!–
Then to live so long without hope or faith,
Like an errant ship without sail or oar;
To possess strength and perpetual youth,
Like a child with the key but not a door,
To obtain the answer but not the truth,
This is the fate that haunts us like a wraith!
This is the roar I hear from the sea and sand!
And what these seashores of fate would have planned:
At the very moment we were flung to the tide,
The very instant our souls to death would foreswear,
At the depths of our dying or longing to have died,
(And at the heights of our suffering and despair)
Just mere seconds before we were beaten and lost!
The sea and sand would make each of us a lover,
And fate would show us seashores we had never crossed.
Then at last…two lonely souls would find each other.



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