Beautiful Hits by James Ingram

JAMES INGRAMEverybody has his favorite R&B and Soul singer/songwriter, and mine has always been James Ingram.  The guy’s got a voice range off the charts, and it’s a voice that’s quite beautiful as well as powerful.  And he’s a heck of a great songwriter, too, not to mention a really nice person.  There are many other great R&B male singers, of course.  But if I were stranded on planet Mars and could only take one with me, it would be James.  Many may not agree, but I hope everyone on my song mailing list will enjoy these sample hits from his vast repertoire.  Naturally, I love his ballads the best.  But I also had to include his funky masterpiece “It’s Real.”  And man, real is definitely what it is!


One Hundred Ways:

Everything Must Change:

Just Once:

Yah Mo B There:

The Day I Fall In Love:

How Do You Keep The Music Playing:

Come To Me:

It’s Real:


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