PROFESSIONAL PEOPLEEverybody should have a professional code.  This poem of mine explains why, although to a great number of people in the professional world need no explanation (I hope!).

Patrick The Poet

I did the ultimate for you I could.
I held nothing back and answered the call.
Where others had settled for less than good,
I gave you better than best and my all!
For a promise meant is a promise kept.
This is the code I’ve always lived by.
For there is no grave where honor has slept
Where someone’s sacred word did not first vie!
So say what you mean and mean what you say.
And let complete honesty be your guide.
Then always see excellence light your way…
Along the path where forthright souls abide!
Yet if somehow I did not reach the height
And had failed you in some deed or action,
Then let me strive again to get it right,
And till you feel complete satisfaction!
For others may connive and balk and taunt,
And never mean to go the extra mile,
But I am here to give you what you want,
And always service, of course, with a smile!
Since you deserve the best you can pay for,
I always guarantee such assurance.
And cause I provide this and even more,
Success must come with strength and endurance!

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