FLEETING RAPTUREPhilosophical love poems can be so much fun to write.  Here’s one I hope everybody finds fun to also read!

Patrick The Poet

Once a dream made of earth and clay
Was given me by chance or fate.
Once in a bright long ago day
When I was young and couldnʼt wait.

And though she lived to keep me warm
And safe from despair and danger,
Her heart was like a fiery storm;
And often times like a stranger.

Still, despite this and other things,
(And despite all the grief and strife)
And the joys a storm never brings,
I chose to love her all my life.

But like clouds made of air and fluff
(Or that dream made of earth and clay!)
Sometimes love is just not enough
To keep a fiery storm at bay.

And though the storm could seldom pierce
The warmth that kept me from the cold,
Every time it became too fierce,
Love was impossible to hold.

(But I would again hold such love
Though it be but fleeting rapture!
Unbearable to let go of…
And impossible to capture.)


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