This poem is for those whose hearts remain young, who cherish romance and moonlight, and who believe that love is and should always be forever!

Patrick The Poet



You have been looking for someone all your life,
Through the haze of days, beneath the clouds at night.
Someone to save you from loneliness and strife,
Ah, someone to love you back with all love’s might!

In solitude where flowers grow bright and rife,
Or along some lonely, disregarded beach,
You have been looking for someone all your life,
Yet somehow love has remained just out of reach.

For it is such a strange and arduous game.
You can waste your whole life on one endeavor;
And suddenly find love–then forget its name!
As despair learns to abandon forever.

But then you know you must give it one last try
And return to the sea to escape the shore!
Just to answer this question before your die:
“Ah, isn’t love worth a lifetime searching for?”

Then at that moment when despair seems enow
And you feel bereft of hope and prayerful charms,
A storm hits! And you are tossed stern to bow!
And suddenly…someone falls into your arms.

Then you know love is a wild and windy flame,
As vicarious as ill and fair weather!
Waiting to reveal itself and call your name,
And show you the true meaning of forever.


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