DEATHLESS LOVEWhen you lose something as precious as love, and lose it forever in this life to something called death, it doesn’t have to destroy you nor ruin the rest of your days on this earth.  You can keep it and the memory of it inside your heart…like a treasure that even death can’t reach.   And you will find you can go on.

Patrick The Poet



There at the bottom of the sea, inside my heart,
Lies a sunken treasure that cannot be exhumed.
For in two beds we sleep–together and apart:
Death inside a grave, and my life that is a tomb.

For the sea is a mighty force, I’ve heard it said.
To shred the human heart…like leaves from trees left bare.
Still, although the sea may never give up its dead,
The human heart can survive who gives up despair!

For the precious treasure can live bereft of strife
And can restore the life of every tomb-filled breath!
If your earnest soul can remain loyal throughout life,
Then will it be love lives on even after death.

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