Song from The Great Gatsby

F. SCOTT FITZGERALDLike me, my good friend Surinder really enjoyed this summer’s film hit The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. It is a visual and musical feast with top production values and superb acting. In addition to that is this song by Lana Del Rey from the film which my friend Surinder sent and shared with me, which I thought I’d share with everyone on my song mailing list. If you’re new to my list then this song will give you an indication of the kind of music I like and like to share with people: of the melodic, comprehensible and easy listening kind. No rap crap or hip hop slop from me, sorry. No Darth Vader heavy metal, either!

In fact, this song by Lana Del Rey is not only melodic but is also strangely ethereal and haunting, the video here being equally so. I hope you enjoy both, and also hurry out and catch The Great Gatsby. It’s an astonishing movie…not to be missed!

Patrick The Poet



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