POETThis is dedicated to all the true poets, past, present and future who have had to struggle with their Muse and with the world of people who so ignorant know not to appreciate and relish poetry and we who create it for the world to appreciate and relish!

Patrick The Poet



So many people rushing to and fro
Seeking heaps of pleasure they do not know;
Only that they need to find something more
Than the complete ennui their lives abhor!
Pleasure in all its forms is not enough.
Lust in all its ways is too soft or rough!
Love would seem to answer the needful call
If it weren’t always giving rise and fall!
Maybe fame and glory could assuage us
If their shortlived time did not enrage us.
Or maybe wealth and gain could appease us
If they left not guilt to always seize us!
So it must be with you and everyone
Who all seek meaning in pursuits undone–
A cause to keep on going and trying,
That’s more than the avoidance of dying.
I would seek it again in love undead
And in these words of verse that lie unread.
I would seek it again in ocean skies,
As true as the truth in a lover’s eyes!
As good as the joy from honest earning
And as real as God from wisdom learning!
I would seek it again in true success,
And guiltless of all I came to possess!
But I am like those who also turned sad–
We who lost everything we ever had.
We would embrace greater error and sin
If only to find happiness again!
Short of that and of even fleeting joy
(And everything this life tends to destroy!)
I pray no more grief our poet souls find,
But hope God at last grants us peace of mind.

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