The Songs of Lobo

LOBOA grand maestro of torch songs from the 1970s was a singer/songwriter named Lobo, who has always held a special place in my heart.  For his songs were and still are for the really young at heart and those who fall in love for the first time.  Or, at least this has always been my sense of him and so many of the songs he wrote.  If Lobo is before your time or the ’70s are just beyond your memory, that’s okay.  Here’s your chance to discover Lobo for the first time!  And here are a few of his biggest hits and most heartwrenching torch songs to keep all of us moving forward through this rap-crap era of melodicless noise!


I’d Love You To Want Me:

Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend:

How Can I Tell Her:

A Simple Man:



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