lonelyNothing can heal a broken heart or loneliness like love!. Here’s a poem that claims it to be true as none other!

Patrick The Poet



It seems like a lifetime that your heart has been broken,
And as lonely as a poet’s soul beneath the stars.
If only three little words had been ever spoken,
Ah, I would speak them now to heal all your wounds and scars.

All the wounds I would sooth with a soft and gentle kiss,
And all the scars erase with a soft and gentle touch.
A lover’s words and kisses can comfort even this,
When your lover’s heart is true and loves someone so much.

So let my lips give to you what your life never knew,
Which two broken hearts have yearned for and cannot withstand.
Let three little words sooth passion’s soul–I love you!
And love shall always heal us as the sea does the sand.

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