Strength and courage sometimes come from the most unexpected places and you can’t always guess who’s going to be the person who will save you.  Just accept your salvation and give gratitude to the tiny waif who may become your savior.  Besides, sometimes beggars can’t be choosers.  So shut the hell up and consider yourself magnificently lucky that you get saved at all!  (Okay, okay, just joking!)

Patrick The Poet



I was the strong one, the bold one–the hawk,
The first one who learned to soar and to walk.
You were the weak one, the meek one–the dove,
The one who always needed strength and love.

For I was the strong one who would always save you
Whenever your heart languished and you felt beseeched.
And though your soul gave as much love as I gave you,
My spirit never needed to be loved or reached.

But one time I was swept along the length
Of dark forces far stronger than my strength;
By a sea whose darkness no light could breach,
To depths that no power on earth could reach!
And, as my dauntless strength was turning black,
Suddenly…you were there! to pull me back!
Yes, as I was breathing my last, desperate breath,
Suddenly…you were there, to rescue me from death!

Time continues to teach us–even as I speak,
Nature shall reveal its truer truths before long:
Ah, though the hawk is strong–it is sometimes weak.
And though the dove is weak–it is sometimes strong!



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