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My consummate poem on the subject at hand!

Patrick The Poet


Like a sunny morning or a rainy day,
Like the earnest smile upon a baby’s face,
There is one treasure easy to give away,
We can endlessly replenish or replace!
How much is given or taken doesn’t count,
For both quantity and quality are free.
And since there’s no restrictions on the amount,
The more I give you, the more you will give me!
It lurks in the shadows and looms in the shade.
It lives in every heart you know and don’t know.
And even when it’s not being shared or made,
You can take it with you wherever you go!
It’s in the hopes we speak and the words we write.
And the greatest challenge for which we are tried.
Even when strife seems great and sorrow feels right,
It’s the only treasure to turn grief aside!
For it exists throughout time and never ends.
And will fill us up but never let us drown.
For we can call upon family and friends
To raise our souls and save us when we are down!
It’s in every sunset and in every breeze.
And in every living heart you seek, and don’t.
And though you be adrift ‘midst the darkest seas
Then believe it will abandon you—it won’t!
For it lives in the science of affection,
Even when it appears unwanted and strange.
And though you may doubt such cosmic connection,
Why avoid its infinite power of change?
For it moves you to rise even when you fall,
And desires to enwhelm your life every day!
It’s yours to have!—but the nicest thing of all?
You get to keep it when you give it away.



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