Sin Ti by LAYLA‏


I’ve always loved Latin music, especially the kind that has an infusion of various styles and genres from other kinds of music including salsa, bachata or even pop/rock.  Well, I recently discovered this phenomenal artist named LAYLA, who is the daughter of my really good friend Debra Rigas, author of the amazing book “Everyone’s a Guru.”

Well, like mother like daughter, Layla is one very talented artist.  Not only is she beautiful, a topnotch musician and has an incredible singing voice, but Layla is also an exceptional songwriter.  And, as everyone knows, I consider songwriting the first layer of artistic greatness!  To demonstrate this, I have pasted herein below the link to a beautiful song by Layla from her new album “Triangulo” for your listening pleasure.  And the video to the song is most outstanding, too!

So take a gander and listen to “Sin Ti” by Layla and visit the sites below to learn more about this beautiful, versatile artist.  Then seriously check out her album Triangulo and infuse some Latina sonic beauty into your life for years to come.  It’s an album you will be forever glad to own!

Patrick The Poet






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