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The time will probably come when you’re about to lose a family member or someone you love.  It’s especially painful if they are young and it’s way before their time.  The injustice of it can be overwhelming.  So can the shock and unpreparedness of it.  And it may be that you will try everything to save that person.  Then realize there’s nothing you can do but pray.  This is what happened to me once some years ago.  And this poem is the conclusion about it that I came up with and wrote.

Patrick The Poet



So wild and dark tonight, and the winds hiss and curse
Such poignant refrains in me…begging creation.
But if I am to soothe your heart with a single verse…
I fear it will require divine inspiration.

Worse still, your life has fallen to diminished thirds
And to silencing strains of your own invention.
Still, though I would save you if I could with mere words…
I fear it will require divine intervention.


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