“The Present” I believe to be one of the greatest albums out of the many incredible ones written by The Moody Blues over the years.  If you’re a Moody Blues fan or not, I highly recommend making this album a part of your musical library.  It is filled with such sonic beauty and melodic splendor.  You will really come to thank me for it, and who knows?  Maybe even come to appreciate my strange, melodramatic ways and wry sense of humor! 

Meanwhile, here is a sample from The Present, written and sung by TMB’s legendary lead singer Justin Hayward–an incredible singer/songwriter in his own right.  It’s called “Running Water” and is a favorite of mine from the band’s entire vast catalog of inimitable music.  Was a favorite of my great novelist father, too, and how I miss the times I used to play this song and the whole album for him.  In times long ago that once was The Present.  And in another meaning…still is!


Link To Running Water:


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