See The Light

Time for some deep, esoteric, philosophical poetry and spiritual verse!

Patrick The Poet



 Let us close our eyes and drift into cosmic twilight

and find ourselves within a world

void of tragedy and unhappiness

and emptied of ignorance and pain.

Where every dream of truth is as brave as its dreamer

and as true as its conviction;

and every concept of love is as strong as its passion

and as triumphant as its commitment.

And though we travel long and far

and cannot make the journey alone,

we will soar the bounds of reality

and hazard the vicissitudes of fate.

So that if we should strive to learn

the reasons for all our questions

and the answers to all their meanings,

we may reach the precipice of truth

and caress the infinite soul of love.

Then we might know within a moment of a life

that we may consider things

loneliness cannot diminish and grief cannot consume.

We might know within a lifetime of a life

that we may imagine things

fear cannot suppress and hate cannot engulf.

And we might know within the eternity of a life

that we may envision things

despair cannot devour and darkness cannot destroy!

And such knowledge we will know

when we close our eyes and drift into cosmic twilight.

Of such things mystical and magnanimous

and magical and magnificent!

Of such things impervious to time

and indestructible to death.


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