love heart couple

There are almost always two sides to every story…and to every hope and desire.  The purpose of romantic writing and the romantic ideal is to show the one (the negative), and then present the triumph of the other (the positive!).  This is what this poem is about.  And does!  A good reminder for this St. Valentine’s Day, yes?

Patrick The Poet



I found you in the spring
When love and life were true.
The flowers were in full swing
And the birds all sang and flew.
Love and life gave everything
That they could give to two.
Life was a fantasy for queen and king,
And love was a dream that gave me you!

But spring one day went away,
And with it all the birds and flowers.
I never knew that love could fill the day
With so very few, fleeting hours!
Far death comes and touches when it may
And all that it touches it devours.
I never knew love could end this way
Until death brought an end to ours!

For death is the force that can sever
The dreams that young hearts dream of.
I see spring doesn’t last forever,
And neither does love.

Yet once I was out in winter snow
And far I had traveled and wide.
Then certain no further I could go,
I wished to have stayed and died!
Yet there amidst the frozen snow
Upon this barren mountainside,
Was a seed newly planted to grow
Who knew death could be defied!

I would be that reborn flower now,
Slain, but triumphant in life renewed!
Another field of love I would plant and plow,
Dreams come true if they are pursued!
For once again love would be my vow,
And it would be cherished and wooed.
What hope yearns, dreams will allow:
Young hearts need never be subdued!

For life is the force we must take in,
Do not give up on the dreams you dream of!
Spring has lived before, it will live again,
And dear dreamers, so will love.


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