THE THREE OF USGood morning to all our Touched by Hannah movie fans and followers!  I’m Patrick, Chris Hennessy’s assistant producer.  And my job is to assist Chris and the other staff and crew with the production of Touched by Hannah.  It’s also to help out with announcements and posts on this blog.  And yes, I also know how to make a delicious pot of coffee!

This morning I just wanted to say that if you feel shock waves rumbling through cyberspace and the proverbial air it’s Chris being interviewed and talking about Touched by Hannah.  And the interviews are with not one but two radio stations today!

In fact, to help kick off our upcoming Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Chris is being interviewed today by two of the San Fransisco Bay Area’s major talk radio stations!  They are KGO and The Patriot AM960 ( and

Both are being taped today and will be broadcast soon at later date(s), which we will announce ASAP on our Touched by Hannah website (  So you can listen in and stay tuned to our Touched by Hannah production schedule.

For it’s true…we can’t wait to see you at the movies!


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