SOMEWHEREI know somewhere out there is the love worth spending one’s life to find.  Not only this, but it is truly worth living for, and of course worth dying for.  It’s the ultimate of happiness and joy everyone seeks.  And I want you to also know that it’s out there…somewhere.

Patrick The Poet



Once after the horror of speechlessness becomes you
And seems no longer a stranger you carry along,
Every wound turns into a scar that only numbs you
While helpless words will return to tell you to be strong.
For yes, how dare someone swear to be true and love you
And then betray you as silence would an empty song?
If there were stars and angels in the skies above you
Would they ever guide your heart to suffer such a wrong?

No, I would look to the seas and the waves to steer me
To some region of honesty and trust I could find.
Not so much because I seek illusion to cheer me
To a safe port where truth is not just a state of mind;
But because I was taught that love would one day save me
(As it seeks to save every soul whose heart is so blind!)
Then I would accept all the grief and pain it gave me
If only love were real and could ever be defined.

Yet somewhere my heart looks beyond betrayal and distrust
And beyond the pale of my own hopeless prayers and cries,
That there is a good reason why we live our lives–all of us,
To find and never lose the gleam in a lover’s eyes!
Ah, were it ever true as death comes dust unto dust.
(And would it remain true the first time we caught its guise!)
That never would I be speechless for any of us!
From knowing that somewhere there is love that never dies.




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