Ladies and Gentlemen and Facebookers of all ages! After a year of meticulous pre-producion work on my film, Touched by Hannah, I am THRILLED to announce that my Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to make the film will go LIVE at approximately midnight tonight. A donation of $5 gets you a digital download of the film. There are also T-shirts, comedy shows at Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club and many more fabulous rewards for your generous support and donations!

And PRETTY PLEASE (with Hannah’s beautiful smile on top!), please share this as much as your can!  OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON ME INFORMING YOU, YOU INFORMING HIM AND HER, AND THEY TELLING EVERYONE ELSE X INFINITY!

God please be with us! You’re the ones pushing and motivating me with a relentless force! Here’s the link. It WILL NOT WORK until midnight tonight! Here:


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