When I’m not teaching martial arts or eastern love massage, I have the pleasure of making millions for CEOs and housewives who know how important it is to have an incredible writer in your corner wordsmithing for you! So forget all those stilted, snoring, temperamental, inflexible blase writers offering their services here. I write the things that other writers can’t or won’t. Need a wedding or funeral poem? A dating profile or sales letter or marketing brochure or professional resume? Or a poison pen letter written to tell off that slimy boss or betraying friend? How about a eulogy or speech or website press release or party toast? You name it, and I probably can write it for you. As long as you want something good and creative and profound and unforgettable. That includes many kinds of journalism, radio and film scripts, book editing, playwriting, SEO website copywriting and editing. And of course also magazine articles and just about any kind of verse you can imagine! I also provide online and in-person tutoring in English grammar and composition, and can perhaps write symphonic music for you if you have a piano!

And remember this: I charge reasonable rates and even handle divorces! Like to see my credentials and proof of my skills and abilities? Drop me a line and I’ll give you a gander. And even edit your novel if you can pay slightly better than peanuts and have a nicer attitude than Hemingway. That would be Ernest. But you can call me earnest!

Patrick The Poet
Disparate Writer Of Many Genres
Email: marcelproust38@yahoo.com


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