Dreams are everything, and especially dreams of love and happiness. But having no dreams of anything lofty and fulfilling and worth wanting and striving for, well, that’s some kind of living death, isn’t it? Here’s a poem of mine on this very esoteric but simple subject.

For I write poetry of a professional kind, including personalized poems of just about every kind. I also edit books–poetry, novels, nonfiction and other collateral. And I can write really neat content for illustrated children’s books. Plus lots more snazzy services I offer of a disparate writing and editing kind!

Drop me a note here and I’ll tell you all about it. But first I trust you’ll enjoy my poem and remember never to surrender or lose your dreams.ON COLD, DARK NIGHTS
Sometimes the nights are especially cold
and far too dark for loners,
and I find myself living for a dream
that will never live for me.
So I walk the lonely streets
and talk to lonely strangers
who travel as I the lifetime journey,
barren and alone,
and forever among the cold, dark nights.And though they travel beside me
and are with dreams like my own
for love or companionship eternal,
I do not travel with the many but the few.
And together each of us travels alone.But somewhere out there
I have seen you
and have encountered you
when the nights
were not so cold or dark.
You were there long ago
or many years from now,
but like a dream
that was not too far away to reach.
Still, you were only a dream
and I somehow always knew
I would never find you.But nevertheless,
I keep the dream
and continue to travel,
and wander these lonely streets
brave and undefeated.
Not because I am
a hopeless dreamer,
but because such dreams
can keep you warm
on cold, dark nights.

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