It’s my pleasure to share one of my poems with my network this evening.  What we have here is a romanticized tale that claims true love survives death and soul mates who are meant to be together will be forever!

As it is, I can write you a poem to perhaps win your lover back or restore a lost friendship. Or a personalized poem or speech to make you a winner at your next professional appearance or social event or private party. Weddings, birthdays, funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, or a homage to you best friend or someone you love. I write personalized poetry and professional speeches for most every occasion. Memorable words to help create unforgettable events and life experiences. If interested, drop me a note and let’s chat!


Oh, how did you end up here buried in the ground?
The remnants of things called atoms and molecules?
The night is so dark, and devoid of sight and sound,
Where has life gone from the lives we squandered as fools?

The grass is so smooth and manicured, yet so bereft
Of what endures above where death would now recline.
Yet if your soul be here after your life has left,
I would reach down and pull it up to be with mine.

Or if I could, I would but ask and beg of time
To endure unalone what endures forever.
Then I would take to the grave this enduring rhyme:
“Here now rest in peace…two loving souls together.”






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