Ricky Nelson

Dear Song Lovers:

What we have here are two very similar different songs where the idiom/saying “fools rush in” plays a major component of each.  I came upon this phenomenon about 15 years ago and always wanted to tell the world about it.  So now I’m telling you.  Why I came upon this phenomenon is simple: cause it’s my job to come upon these things!

Anyway, the general theme of each song is pretty much the same, yet each is very much lyrically and musically original and different.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: Both songs are exceptionally beautiful and were huge hits for the artists in question.  Those artists would be Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley.  Who else but two of the greatest singers ever!

Patrick The Poet

P.S.  Don’t hesitate to drop me a note and let me know which foolish song you like best.  Me, I like them equally!




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