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Dear Song List:

Rumors that I love The Moody Blues almost as much as The Fab Four are not exaggerated.  Beginning around the same time as The Beatles, The Moody Blues have stayed in the limelight and continuously performed and recorded new albums some 40+ years since their inception.  And every album has produced amazing hits and unforgettable ballads and beautiful melodies.  This song, from their 16th album, Strange Times, is no exception.  When I listen to it, it is my favorite.  But then, I have this experience with 30 to 50 other songs of theirs!

You may not like it as well.  But I hope you enjoy it well enough and the sheer sonic beauty, originality and its timeless message of faithful love and conviction.  Written and sung by the band’s lead singer and nonpareil songwriter and guitar player, Justin Hayward, here’s a gem to share with the love that is most real to you.

Patrick The Poet

Link to Video/Song:

Bonus Song – Had To Fall In Love (Live!):


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